Core Mechanics Videos

Fyxt RPG Core Mechanics VideosThis set of videos explores the core mechanics of the Fyxt RPG. Each section is discussed in detail, so you can learn how the Fyxt RPG is a fun, fast, and flexible RPG, offering nearly infinite possibilities for your role playing game experience!

Fyxt RPG Core Mechanics

Below is a list of videos that do a deep dive into the specifics of the core mechanics of each of the Fyxt RPG systems. These individual systems are combined together to create the Fyxt RPG as a whole. Each sub mechanic follows the same philosophy as the Fyxt RPG as a whole. Fast, fun, and flexibility are the driving force behind the optimized RPG system that is the Fyxt RPG.

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Archetype, Focus, and Aggression

Archetype, Focus, and Aggression are the foundation of the Fyxt RPG character. Knowing what these core mechanics represent in the Fyxt RPG will help you make the character you want. Even if the “wrong” choices are made when a character is first built, you will see just how easy it is to change a Fyxt RPG character to put it in line with a player’s vision. In this first video, we explore the foundation of character creation core mechanics.

Character Skills and Game Time Modes

Skills are broad areas of character ability that are applied to most situations in the game. Most of the time Skills will be used in Turn Time and Real Time, but they can be used at any point during Fyxt RPG play. Find out how Skills are used in the Fyxt RPG and how their broad use allows a huge amount of player and GM flexibility. Any character can participate in Skill challenges, not just those with the most points in a certain Skill.  So how does the Fyxt RPG keep everyone playing while still celebrating each character’s unique gifts? Find out in this video!

Character Specialties

In this Fyxt RPG tutorial we will show players how to customize their characters through using Specialties. Specialties improve a character’s stats in specific ways to represent how that character is specialized in certain things. Use Specialties to tune a character into exactly what you would like it to be.

Combat Maneuvers

In this Fyxt RPG Tutorial video I dive into Combat Maneuvers. Combat Maneuvers are actions that every PC and NPC can do. They tackle a wide variety of situations. Learn and make use of these underused and often overlooked character abilities, Combat Maneuvers.

Character Powers Description

In this Fyxt RPG video I go through the description and idea around character Powers. Powers are the central part of what your Fyxt RPG character will be able to do during a game session. It’s important to have a good understanding of Fyxt RPG Powers and how they differ from other RPGs to get the most out choosing and creating them.

Power Mechanics

This Fyxt RPG tutorial video deep dives into the mechanics of character Powers. Powers are the core of the Fyxt RPG and are what give characters the abilities that make them so unique. Powers can range from a sword slash, a hypodermic injection to increase speed, a fireball to blast enemies, magically healing an ally, a rallying cry, a sniper shot, teleporting, a satellite laser strike, and anything in between.

Fyxt RPG Items

This Fyxt RPG tutorial video deep dives into the mechanics of character items. Fyxt RPG Items is the gear and equipment that can further enhance a character. Like other Fyxt RPG systems the Fyxt RPG Item system allows players almost an infinite amount of possibilities of what can be done with items. More customizable than nearly any other RPG the Fyxt RPG Items help to round out the awesome character you have always wanted to play.

Character Leveling

In this Fyxt RPG tutorial we show players how to level their characters. Find out what characters gain when they level. The Fyxt RPG approaches character advancement a little differently than many other RPGs to make it a fast and easy process for players and GMs.

Being a Fyxt RPG Game Master

This Fyxt RPG tutorial video dives into the being a Game Master, also known as a GM. The GM is the player of a RPG group that runs the game for all players. A combination of storyteller and judge the Fyxt RPG makes being a GM very easy. Learn how the Fyxt RPG system allows anyone to easily GM any type of game they want. Ever wanted to be a god? Now’s your chance!

Game Master Mechanics

In this Fyxt RPG core mechanic video I go into the specifics of GM and the mechanics and game rules that are used. Being a GM in the Fyxt RPG is fun and easy. Learn these techniques and rules to become a great Fyxt RPG GM.

All of these topics are covered in detail in the respective sections of the website. Hopefully these videos can help to clarify the philosophy behind the Fyxt RPG system’s design. The Fyxt RPG is fun, fast, and flexible because the core mechanics of the RPG are optimized! Now you should be ready to play the Fyxt RPG and see how this system can dramatically improve your role play gaming experience!

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