Fyxt RPG standalone or with other RPGs

Play the Fyxt RPG standalone or with other RPGsThere is nothing in the Fyxt RPG that says players must abandon the RPGs, characters, or stories that they are already playing. One of the many things that makes the Fyxt RPG stand out from the crowded RPG market is its flexibility to be played at the same time as another RPG.

The Fyxt RPG can be played as a standalone RPG or easily integrated into whatever RPG you are playing. The reason for this is that in the Fyxt RPG there are very clearly defined boundaries between what character stats are and the role play details of a character. This makes a huge difference because knowing this separation lets a player split the difference and use the superior game mechanics of the Fyxt RPG. At the same time playing using whatever colorful, exciting and enjoyable RPG a player might be interested in.

Using Role Play Details in the Fyxt RPG

In fact we encourage the use of other RPG source role play information to breathe life into the Fyxt RPG. Players can easily accomplish this by using the descriptive information from their favorite source material such as D&D, Star Wars, or perhaps Rifts. Ignore any reference to a rule or character stat modification. Just use the cool description of a character. Describe your home city as they do in a campaign world source. The actions and styles of the character’s spells, racial abilities, and source materials can be used to describe your Fyxt RPG Powers.

Players do not even have to try to pull role play information from another RPG. It is just as easy to use books, movies, or comics to create the look and feel of your character and campaign.

Using the Fyxt RPG System

Scrapping the rules of the other RPG and replacing them with the Fyxt RPG system will greatly improve your RPG gaming experience. By ignoring the rules of the other RPG and using the Fyxt RPG rules, the website tools, and the streamlined Fyxt RPG game pace gamers will get the best of both worlds! Character Powers and stats in the Fyxt RPG are balanced and extremely easy to use. The Fyxt RPG’s design freedom allows players to then take the ideas of another RPG’s characters and translate them into a working character for the Fyxt RPG.

Putting the Two Halves Together

First, the player uses the description and role play information from their favorite source. Second, the player builds the characters abilities and stats in the Fyxt RPG. Combining the two halves gives the player a great, well defined character that they will love to play. Plus, this character is now built exactly how the player envisions the characters Powers and abilities. This makes for a very fun and entertaining RPG session when this character gets to use their mechanics to save the day.

It’s as easy as one, two, and by three you are done. Now you have a Fyxt RPG character that uses your favorite source material so it has the flavor and personality you want. This character is balanced and easy to play. Best of all is now that you are playing the Fyxt RPG more can be accomplished every game. The characters in a group are going to balance with each other and still feel like unique characters.

With the Fyxt RPG your group will have the ability to play any kind of RPG game they want! Your RPG game is sure to be great just using the Fyxt RPG, mixing another RPG with the Fyxt RPG, or a mashup of the Fyxt RPG and many other sources.

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