Fyxt RPG Server Backend Update 10-30-17

Fyxt RPG Server Backend Update 10-30-17

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since the last major Fyxt RPG update/additions. Why you ask. Well we have spent most of the last year deep in play testing and tuning. Some minor changes have been snuck in the last few months but there is a lot more to come! Keep an eye out as some game balance changes will be happening, so user experience upgrades, and much more.

The biggest and most recent update is a huge update to the server backend. This should make the website faster, more secure, and more able to handle larger traffic loads. You don’t want to have things slow when you and your group are in the middle of an epic fight!

A change with this update is that Minion NPCs and Grunt NPCs no longer can Critical Hit or Heal. This change was added to lessen the potential effectiveness and danger of this week NPCs. This NPCs were never meant to pose a real and dangerous threat. They are meant to be more of a nuisance and backup to the more powerful NPC’s that are meant to be real danger.

Release Notes



  • A few minor things.


  • Minions no longer Critical Hit or Heal.
  • Grunts no longer Critical Hit or Heal.
  • Server Backend Updated!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Post concerns on our forums: https://fyxtrpg.com/rpg-forums/topic/fyxt-rpg-server-backend-update-10-30-17/


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