Fyxt RPG Release Notes Auto-Tags Added 5-4-28

Fyxt RPG Release Notes Auto-Tags Added 5-4-28Fyxt RPG Release Notes Auto-Tags Change and Fix

Hello everyone, a few more updates for the tag system. I added some additional tag code in to make tags much easier, Auto-Tags. When creating or editing content additional tags will now be automatically added. The “basics” of each piece of content will be added such as Archetype, Focus, Specialties, Effects, etc. Most of the selections and choices that you make on content will be automatically added in some way.

Automatically Added Tags

  • Archetype
  • Discipline
  • Aggression
  • Range Preferences
  • Target Preferences
  • Availability
  • Item Effects
  • Powers Effects
  • Specialty Effects
  • NPC info (Rank, Horde, Super Minion, Etc.)

This way content creators can focus instead on specific descriptors for the content that is not selectable. Such as lore, genre, setting, universe, materials, item types etc.

Great Tag Examples

  • Star Wars
  • Mithril
  • Bow
  • Breast Plate
  • Cyberpunk
  • Luxury
  • High Tech
  • Far Future
  • Spell
  • My Little Pony
  • Marvel
  • Elemental
  • Planar
  • Fire
  • Explosive
  • Trap
  • Psionics

Hopefully this gives you some examples of what to use on your own custom content.

Due to the auto tags being generated the old tag limit of 5 is low. Most things will have more than 5 Auto-Tags. So, I made the new tag requirements 10 tags per custom content. This is to get all you amazing content creators to really make sure you add lots of good tags to your custom content. This is vitally important information, so other players can easily find your content. Today they may have to sort through several thousand Powers. In 5 years maybe, tens of thousands of Powers will be in the database. A good tag set will be very important for other players to be able to find and use your content.

I also ran a series of scripts to add Auto-Tags to old content. I think this worked pretty well but if you find issues please let me know. I will also be going through a lot of the content manually to check and add more tags. 

Your custom content that has not been published should not have had Auto-Tags applied. This is because I was trying to manage the server load. I needed to have already published content get tags. You can easily get these auto-tags assigned to your custom content by simply editing it and saving. When the content is saved the auto-tags are applied. This will help server load and to keep from messing with custom content that may never be published. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues about the update.

Thanks for playing!

Release Notes for Auto-Tag Update



  • Removed New Character Sheet page genre selections.
  • Removed New Non-Player Character Sheet page genre selections.
  • Ran scripts to add “Auto Tags” to existing published content. (PC, NPCs, Items, Powers)


  • Content now needs 10 tags or more for Contribution.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Post concerns on our forums: https://fyxtrpg.com/rpg-forums/topic/fyxt-rpg-update-auto-tags/

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