Fyxt RPG Maintenance Update 5-17-2017


Fyxt RPG Maintenance Update 5-17-2017

In this update, I addressed a few balance issues. The biggest change was to the cost of Range in Powers. Due to the cheap cost of range nearly every character was a “ranged” character. To help balance this out the cost of Range for Powers has been increased over 3 Spaces. The change is minor at 4 Spaces but increased significantly as it goes up. The idea is that as the Power gets further away it gives up more and more of its strength. This will make getting close to enemies more desirable as Powers with shorter ranges will be able to have stronger effects. Powers at long range have roughly 50% the potential strength of Powers that are close. (Now taken up by range costs.) This change will cause some character Powers to become more expensive. The easiest way to fix this is to reduce the effect or the range.

Combat Maneuver Power effects on items and Powers have been cut in half. This because Combat Maneuvers inherently have a bonus. This caused a “double stacking” of bonuses. More Specialties are on their way to enhance and further expand Combat Maneuver usefulness. Keep an eye out!

The last change of note is Resistance and Recovery. These changes were made to make them easier to manage. They were also changed to give each its own different feeling instead of acting sort of like “extra HP”.

Thank you for your patience with these changes as I make important game balancing tweaks to the Fyxt RPG! 

Release Notes



  • A few back-end optimizations and tweaks.


  • The bonus to Defenses that Durability gives is 25% less. Hit Point bonus remains the same.
  • The cost of Range on Powers has been increased. These increased costs begin at a Range of 4. The cost increase becomes more as the Range Increases.
  • Combat Maneuver Power/Item effects have been cut in half.
  • Resistance now affects damage taken every time it is taken versus once a turn.
  • Resistance values have been adjusted down.
  • Recovery values have been adjusted up.

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