Character Tier represents a broad group that all character fit into. This group represents a tier of general strength of a character to other characters.

  • Character Tiers represent a general strength of a character. Where as Character Levels represent the specific strength of a character.
  • Character Tiers are also in many game situations where a bonus or penalty is applied.
  • Character Tiers are heavily used in calculating a character’s overall statistics.
  • A Character’s Tier limits the strength of the items they can use.
  • A Character’s Tier limits the strength of the Powers they can wield.
  • Character Tiers advance every 4 Character Levels.
    • Character Tier 1 = Character Level 1
    • Character Tier 2 = Character Level 5
    • Character Tier 3 = Character Level 9
    • Character Tier 4 = Character Level 13
    • Character Tier 5 = Character Level 17
    • And so on.

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