First and foremost you are going to need This website is your portal into all of the rules, mechanics, ideas, and fun for the Fyxt RPG.

Next, you will need a few friends to play the Fyxt RPG with you.

Some pencils and paper to write down all of the important things about your character. You can use some of the more advanced and helpful Fyxt RPG Tools on this

You may also want to have a set of dice to play Fyxt. Dice add a bit of randomness and the excitement of chance to the Fyxt RPG. If you don’t have a set of dice yet you can use the Fyxt RPG Random Die Roller, created specifically for the Fyxt Role Play Game System.

That’s all you need to play the Fyxt RPG system!

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About Fyxt RPG Master

I am the designer, developer, and GM for what has become the Fyxt RPG system. With the awesome help of my RPG group we have spent the last several years taking an idea and forging into an awesome roleplaying game. You can play the Fyxt RPG for free so why not give it a try?