4 - Login

Do I need a FyxtRPG.com account? Why not just use Facebook?

All members of the Fyxt RPG need to have a Fyxt RPG account created. Unlike many websites that use Facebook just to validate users, FyxtRPG.com needs to have a Fyxt RPG account built so it knows who your PCs, NPCs, Powers, and Items belong to. All of this information is stored on FyxtRPG.com so all members can have their own set of custom Fyxt RPG goodies. This also keeps track of your Fyxt Friends, submission rewards, etc.

Once the account is created members can link their Facebook accounts to their FyxtRPG.com account. This is nice so members do not have to remember another websites username/password. If a member is logged into Facebook, they will also be logged into the FyxtRPG.com. There are a few other social network options that are also available for your convenience.

FyxtRPG.com does not use these linked accounts for anything other than verifying the user matches the FyxtRPG.com account.

How do I change the Display Name for my account?

The Nickname in your profile determines what name will be displayed publically on FyxtRPG.com. This can be selected in your profile as the Display Name. Some things that may show this public name are forum posts and content creation references.

It is a good idea to use a Nickname for your Display Name on your account for a couple reasons.

  1. To increase security for your account.
  2. In case you used an email address for your login name. (Bots scan the internet for emails to send spam to.) This can help avoid unwanted emails.
  3. If the name you wanted for your account was taken. This way you can display the name you want and still have a unique login username.

When an account is created the Username is used as the Nickname. However, they do not have to be the same. Simply go to your Profile. This is found on the right side on the screen in the widget that allows you to access your account. Or it can be located in the menu under Fyxt RPG account.

Or click here to go directly to your profile: My Profile

Once in your profile simply change your account Nickname, change your Display Name to the Nickname, and save the changes.

Important Note: Use your Username to log in to FyxtRPG.com. Not your Nickname.