Character Creation

What is Character Tier?

Character Tier represents a broad group that all character fit into. This group represents a tier of general strength of a character to other characters.

  • Character Tiers represent a general strength of a character. Where as Character Levels represent the specific strength of a character.
  • Character Tiers are also in many game situations where a bonus or penalty is applied.
  • Character Tiers are heavily used in calculating a character’s overall statistics.
  • A Character’s Tier limits the strength of the items they can use.
  • A Character’s Tier limits the strength of the Powers they can wield.
  • Character Tiers advance every 4 Character Levels.
    • Character Tier 1 = Character Level 1
    • Character Tier 2 = Character Level 5
    • Character Tier 3 = Character Level 9
    • Character Tier 4 = Character Level 13
    • Character Tier 5 = Character Level 17
    • And so on.

Visit: https://fyxtrpg.com/build-fyxt-rpg-character/#CharacterTier for more information.

What are Power Points?

Power Points are the number of points any particular character has to use to create the Powers and abilities of the character.

Each character Focus has a different ratio of Power Points that will be available for that particular character. Balanced characters have the most Power Points, but their maximum they can use per Power is the lowest. Focused characters have a medium amount of Power Points, their maximum they can use per Power is in the mid range. Devoted characters have the fewest Power Points, but their maximum they can use per Power is the highest.

Power Points can be further modified through character Traits, Specialties, Fyxt Items, and even special GM modifications to a character.

Can I change my Fyxt RPG Character?

As a general Fyxt RPG rule, players can adjust their characters when they level up. This means players can change aspects of their character on top of the normal changes that come with leveling. This helps players adjust their characters continuously. Players can easily adapt to the game they are playing or to changes their characters as they evolve. When players make changes to their characters they should be limited to one thing per level. This would include; Traits, Archetype, Style, Focus, Specialty, Skills, One Discipline.

This is to show growth and flexibility so characters do not completely change when they level. However, the GM has final say on what any player can change.

As far as Powers themselves are concerned. GM’s are encouraged to allow players to adjust and change Powers during any Full Rest if they feel they need to.

However, final say on any character is always up to your RPG groups GM.

Does downgrading my account lose my characters and other content?

No it doesn’t. You will continue to have all of the characters and other custom Fyxt RPG content you have created.

The account will however lose the ability to edit the older characters and other custom Fyxt RPG content. The most recently modified content will be what is still available to edit. In most cases this will work well since the most recently updated characters should be the ones your are actively playing.

Here is an example of how it works. With an upgraded account 10 characters where created at 1 a month.  Starting with character A in January and ending with character J in October. In November you decide to downgrade your account. The character limit on the account will change from 10 to 5.

This means the following characters will still be available to be edited and modified. (most recently updated/created)

  1. Character J (Created and updated in October)
  2. Character I (Created and updated in September)
  3. Character H (Created and updated in August)
  4. Character G (Created and updated in July)
  5. Character F (Created and updated in June)

This means the following characters will not be able to be edited and modified. However, they still will be able to be viewed and used. It will just not be able to be modified.

  1. Character E (Created and updated in May)
  2. Character D (Created and updated in April)
  3. Character C (Created and updated in March)
  4. Character B (Created and updated in February)
  5. Character A (Created and updated in January)

If for any reason you would like one of character A – E to be modified instead of Character F simply modify the character you would like to have instead. It will then appear at the top of the list. To be sure of the 5 characters you would like to be able to modify make sure to modify them prior to downgrading your account. This will make them a priority to keep on the top of the list.

This works the same way with all Fyxt RPG custom content and account limits. (Powers, Items, etc)

Upgrading your account to have a higher limit will allow the characters to be edited again. The characters can also be deleted to make room on your account.

Room can also be created by contributing the content through the Fyxt RPG submission system. Contribute enough content and you can earn extra room on your account as well!

For further questions or clarifications please post on the Fyxt RPG Forums and we will be happy to help you out.



What is the difference between a Move and Traveling?

A Move in the Fyxt RPG is used during Battle Time. It is the micro movement of a character when every motion counts. Characters can also exceed their weight limits with Athletic Skill checks for a Move. For more information on this please visit Battle Time.

Traveling in the Fyxt RPG is used during Turn Time or Real Time. This is when a character is going from one place to another but the precise Space where the character is, is not necessary. Characters can not exceed their weight limits with Athletic Skill checks for Traveling. The character will have to reduce their carried weight in order to Travel. For more information on this please visit Long Distance Travel.