Subterfuge Skill

Fyxt RPG Subterfuge SkillThe Subterfuge Skill in the Fyxt RPG is used whenever a character is trying to be sneaky or deceptive. The Subterfuge Skill is a catch-all for characters who want to do subversive things and not get caught. This doesn’t mean that other characters without a good Subterfuge Skill will not be able to do any related activities; they just may not be as good. Many activities that normally use the Subterfuge Skill may also be able to be accomplished through other Skill Checks. This will ultimately be up to the GM on what Character Skill can be used for any given task.

Sneaking Around

One of the most common uses of the Subterfuge Skill is to sneak around unnoticed. There are many situations in the game where PCs or NPCs will be sneaking around. This can be in any environment and in any type of situation. The Subterfuge Skill represents more than just walking quietly or hiding in shadows. It also takes into account all of the things that a character should consider when being sneaky: blending in with a crowd, causing a distraction so they can sneak away from a situation without notice, or even determining the wind direction to stay downwind of a creature so it can’t smell the character.

Usually a Subterfuge Skill Check will be rolled when a PC or NPC wants to go unnoticed. The result of this Skill Check  determines the Perception roll needed to notice the sneaky character. Perception range can be taken into account if the GM chooses and the situation warrants it. Find out more details on the Perception Skill page.

Using the Subterfuge Skill to Set and Disable Traps

Traps are a fun and integral part of good Fyxt RPG games. Traps come in all shapes and sizes and the more creative the players and GM are with them the better! Traps range from the traditional pit or snare traps to sophisticated motion detection systems. See the Setting and Disabling Traps page for full details about Traps.

The Subterfuge Skill will be used to set and disable most traps. The type and set up of the trap will determine what other Skill Checks may or may not be allowed to be used.

  • Nature Skill may be used for pit traps or snares in the jungle.
  • Athletics Skill may be used for traps with large mechanisms or areas to dodge.
  • Scholar Skill may be used for sophisticated mechanisms or electronic traps.

The Subterfuge Skill will be able to be used on any trap, it will just depend on the situation and what the GM allows to be used as well.

Telling a Lie

When characters are being questioned by the guards or enemy soldiers they may have occasion to lie. Or perhaps the character just loves to tell tall tales. In either case the Subterfuge Skill is a prime choice as a skill to use for the Skill Check. The Social Skill is also a good choice but in this case the Subterfuge Skill is a better choice because the character is intentionally trying to tell a believable lie.

Detecting the lie will most likely require a Social Skill check. However, other Skills might be just as useful. For example, a Nature Skill Check can be used if the lie is about a natural place, a Scholar Skill Check might suffice if the lie is about local history or politics, or a Religion Skill Check could be used if the lie falls into the realm of religion and the supernatural.

Picking Pockets and Burglary

Picking pockets is a crime that has been around since people have carried valuable items. Some players will find that they want to pick up a little extra cash using this method. It’s usually easier for a GM to use making extra money as a roleplaying thing. Perhaps they make enough to pay for food and a place to eat, but it does not actually grant the character any cash.

Picking pockets and the Subterfuge Skill can be used for stealing things from others for purposes revolving around the game plot and story. The Subterfuge Skill will be used to steal the guard’s keys to get someone out of prison, or to take the evil magic item off of the church’s altar without being noticed. It can even be used to steal a communicator on a security robot.

Opening Locks

The Subterfuge Skill is used to open all manner of locked things, not just locks. Locks and doors are the classic barrier but with the Fyxt RPG, PCs are just as likely to run into a security keypad, need to bypass a biometric gate, or hack into the network undetected.

Forging Documents

The Subterfuge Skill is used whenever a character wants to forge documents of some sort. This might be to forge papers to cross a border or to fake an ID to get into a building. In these cases the Subterfuge Skill is what the PCs will need to roll to be successful. The Subterfuge Skill Check roll that is made to forge the document is the difficulty of the Skill Check needed to detect the forgery. The Perception Skill is often the Skill Check that is used to check forged documents. However, other Skill Checks may be allowed by your GM depending on what is being forged.

Don a Disguise

Use the Subterfuge Skill to don a disguise.  The Subterfuge Skill Check roll will set the difficulty of how hard it is to detect this disguise. The Perception Skill is usually the Skill Check that will be used to detect the disguise, though depending on the situation, other Skill Checks rolls could be made depending on the situation.

Players are encouraged to roleplay as much as possible when playing the Fyxt RPG, since it makes the game much more fun. Roleplaying your character’s  new disguise can be tons of fun and is highly encouraged.

The Subterfuge Skill for the Fyxt RPG is one that is used frequently in a game session. The Subterfuge Skill can cover a very wide variety of activities that players of the Fyxt RPG may want to do with their characters. GMs should do everything they can to foster this creative and exciting game environment. The Subterfuge Skill is a far-reaching skill and a lot of fun in the Fyxt RPG. It is bound to get characters into more exciting adventures than any other skill.

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