Social Skill

Fyxt RPG Social SkillCharacters will use the Social Skill when interacting with NPCs and during most social situations. The player will roll the Social Skill check for a wide range of interactions with nearly any social and intelligent creatures in the Fyxt RPG. Some examples of situations when a Social Skill check would be used are determining intentions of an NPC, deciding if another is telling the truth, and haggling for a better deal at the marketplace.

Determining Intentions

The Social Skill is used to determine the intention and moods of other characters, including a group or crowd of people. It can be used to determine if a guard may be open to bribery, or it can even be used to read the body language of troopers to determine if they are about to attack.

On a more one on one level, the Social Skill can be used in a conversation to try to “read between the lines”–determining what is going unsaid. The Social Skill can be used to see if the character is trustworthy, honest, or is setting a trap for the party.

When using the Social Skill in this way, each character should make a Social Skill Check roll. Whoever wins the roll has the advantage of knowing what is really going on in a conversation.

Social Skill to Detect Lies

The Social Skill is also a good tool to use to try to detect if a character is lying. Many social clues are given when a character is not telling the truth. The character that is lying in the conversation should roll a Subterfuge Skill or Social Skill if that is higher. Then the character trying to detect the lie should roll a Social Skill Check. If the detecting Social Skill Check beats the lying characters’ Subterfuge Skill Check, the lie is detected. The truth is not revealed, only that the character has lied.

Befriending and Swaying Opinion

The Social Skill can be used to befriend a non-player character and sway the opinions of others. This can be quite handy to stay out of a fight or clear up misunderstandings during gameplay.

Using the Social Skill in this manner can only be done in Turn Time or Real Time. If the players wish to get to this point from Battle Time they must Parley. Successfully using the Parley Combat Maneuver will move the Fyxt RPG game to Turn Time. In Turn Time the characters then have the time to catch their breath and have a conversation.

In this type of situation the GM should first establish how hard it will be to befriend or sway the NPC target.

  • Normal: Such as at a dinner party befriending a stranger.
  • Minor: Such as bandits trying to rob them.
  • Major: Trying to convince a blood enemy of the character to form a truce.

Once the difficulty of the roll is established, the GM should assign the appropriate modifier to the roll. This is the same as the general rule used throughout the Fyxt RPG: Normal gives no penalty to roll, Minor is a penalty equal to their tier, and Major is twice their Character Tier as a penalty. The player then makes the Social Skill Check roll with the assigned GM Mod. If that meets or exceeds the NPC’s Passive Social Skill, they begin to befriend them. In other words, they move once step closer to friendship. Further checks can be made to continue the process. At the worst, three Social Skill Check rolls will need to be made to finally win over an NPC.


Characters will want to buy stuff, and they will want to get the best price. The Social Skill check will be used to haggle over the price of goods and services in order to sway the seller to sell at a lower price.

The player will roll a Social Skill Check against the merchant’s Social Skill Check. If the player beats the merchant, they will receive 1/10 their Social Skill Check roll as a discount to whatever item they are purchasing. This may not seem like much when considering haggling over the price of a dinner; however, it could make a big difference for expensive items.

Here is an example: The character rolls a 30 on their Social Skill Check roll and beats the merchant. This will give them a 3% discount on their purchase. This is only .15 on a meal that costs 5. However, if the same roll was applied to an Advanced Item that costs 100,000 cash, it will save them 3,000 cash.

The Social Skill is a versatile and useful skill for players to use. There are many more uses for the Social Skill but the few common examples here should help to illustrate how to use the Social Skill. Few Fyxt RPG Skills have the ability to shape the game with a single roll as much as the Social Skill does.

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