Scholar Skill

Fyxt RPG Scholar SkillThe Scholar Skill for the Fyxt Role Play Game System will reflect most “book-learned” knowledge. Scholar covers just about anything that can be found out through the study of oral history, texts, scrolls, the internet, or the galactic information cloud.

The Scholar Skill can also be employed to learn about more about complicated or “studied” subjects.

Using the Scholar Skill is almost always an Action. A character must stop and concentrate to use the Scholar Skill.

The character’s Mind Trait changes the Scholar Skill’s base score. This starts the Scholar Skill slightly higher, but any character can train the Scholar Skill to increase it.

Scholar Skill Book Smarts

The first way that the Scholar Skill will be used by characters is to immediately determine information regarding a complicated system such as a mechanical device, electronic wall panel, magic item, or an alien space ship.

Using the Scholar Skill is best described as a character remembering something learned in school or in their profession to help them understand a situation, what something is or how it works. If it is something the character could spend time looking up and reading about, the character should use the Scholar Skill.

The character should then make a Skill Check (roll the dice!) to determine the success or failure of the check.

Scholar Skill for Historical Information

The Scholar Skill is also used frequently to determine adventure or campaign information. Some common questions that may be answered using the Scholar Skill might be the identity of an NPC, allies and enemies of an NPC or a nation, the history of conflicts between nations or peoples, local customs, and local black market contacts in the city.

The Scholar Skill can be used to see if the character already knows this information. There are several methods characters can use to learn information, but Scholar Skill checks should be made to see what a character may already know.

Characters may also use the Social Skill to try to talk to locals to gain some information or to look the information up in libraries or information kiosks.

Scholar Skill Researching Information

The Scholar Skill is the skill that characters will use when they want to research information about a particular topic. Scholar Skill research can be done in many different ways, but they all include seeking out a source of information.

Characters get only one Skill Check to determine if they can learn what they need from one particular information source. Here are some of the most common sources of information for each broad genre:

  • Stone Age: Oral Historians, Elders, Chiefs, Cave Paintings
  • Medieval: Oral Historians, Schools, Library
  • Modern: Schools, Internet, Library, Subject Experts
  • Future: Schools, Subject Experts, Brain Downloads, Cloud

Scholar Skill to Identify Items

The last most common use of the Scholar Skill is using it to identify what an item is and how it works. The benefits of learning how something works with the Scholar Skill go beyond just the knowledge of what the item does: the Scholar Skill can also be used to modify and change these devices. A good example would be using the Scholar Skill to disable a trap, which would depend on the nature of the trap itself. Most traps should be able to be disabled with the Scholar Skill or the Subterfuge Skill.

Using the Scholar Skill to change how an item works is also very useful. This can be used in all manner of ways such as changing how a lock works on a door, hacking into a computer, or hotwiring a car.

The Scholar Skill has many different uses and can benefit a character in a wide variety of situations in the Fyxt RPG. This skill is a little more dependant on the type of Fyxt RPG campaign. Some may be more inclined to lean on detailed and specific information. GMs should look to see which of their players are playing characters that focus on the Scholar Skill. For adventures and campaigns where characters are using the Scholar Skill the player, and the GM are encouraged to make sure it is included during Fyxt RPG game play.