Religion Skill

Fyxt RPG Religion SkillThe Religion Skill for the Fyxt RPG system is mostly a generalization of knowledge of religious and spiritual things in the campaign world, including religious topics, such as the prominent gods in an area, what rituals they perform, holidays they celebrate, and the leaders and happenings within these religious sects. The Religion Skill is also used for knowledge concerning religious creatures such as devils, angels, holy people, and other things that may be related depending on the type of campaign you are playing.

The Religion Skill is something that most religious characters should have some investment in so they can know their own deities well and honor them appropriately.

Spirituality also falls under the realm of the Religion Skill check. This can be used for more metaphysical insight and discovery if the campaign the players are in do not have organized religions or gods.

Using the Religion Skill is almost always an Action. A player must stop and concentrate on the skill at hand to use the Religion Skill.

Here are some of the common uses for the Religion Skill.

Conduct Religious Ceremonies

A Religion Skill check will need to be made to properly perform the myriad of religious ceremonies that may be needed or wanted in a campaign. These can range widely to presiding over a wedding, praying to the gods for rain, and even to appease the evil gods through sacrifice.

Often times religious ceremonies held can have more meaning than the immediate role playing moment. Marriages may not be recognized if a religious ceremony which may lead to land or title granted by a local king. Other ceremonies may bless or blight an area even to the point of causing modifiers to PC and NPC rolls alike.

There are many possibilities but all of them will be up to your GM to say what is appropriate for each Fyxt RPG game.

Religion Skill to Dictate Actions

The Religion Skill is a good way to learn about religious sects views of right or wrong. The Religion Skill can be used to understand good and evil in the context of the specific Fyxt RPG campaign.

The Religion Skill can help to find out what customs may be important to a certain people faith.

The Religion Skill check can even be used to help a player govern their own actions to be sure they are following their own gods moral requirements.

Learn About Divine Creatures

A Religion Skill check can be used to find out information about creatures and NPC’s that are based from, or on, religion and spirituality. Some examples of these creatures may be things such as devils and angels. There may be many creatures and NPCs in your Fyxt RPG campaign world that are not from the natural world. Instead they are created by the power of deities or their direct servants. In this case a Nature Skill check would not reveal information. A Religion Skill check would be needed instead.

Make sure to discuss with your GM what creature would be considered religious.

Religion Skill can Reveal Motivations

Often times during Fyxt RPG adventures as well as other RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, many of the PCs and NPCs wear religious symbols openly. With a Religion Sill Check a player would be able to identify the religion being displayed. The PC may also learn a general overview of that person’s own beliefs based on the religion they associate with.

Using the Religion Skill in this way can also help to identify motivations and other possible plot points. Often times religious organizations are behind many of the happenings in a world and the Religion Skill can help players reveal what these happenings are.

Religion Skill Has Many Uses

These are the main uses for the Religion Skill in the Fyxt RPG. However, this is not a comprehensive list. Due to the widely flexible and malleability of the Fyxt RPG system there is no way to cover every application of the Religion Skill. Keep in mind that if the player is trying to do something, learn about something, or otherwise interact with religion, spirituality, or the gods it is likely they will need to use the Religion Skill in the Fyxt RPG to do so.