Character Traits

Step 1: Character Traits

Body, Mind, and Spirit are the core Character Traits for the Fyxt RPG. They make up the core of the mechanics behind the Fyxt RPG. All three are important and will be used for every Fyxt RPG character.

They are intended to be simple. As with the other areas of the Fyxt RPG, they are generalized because the intention is to allow the player to imagine and invent what the individual Character Trait means to that character. A Body Trait can represent a strong, tough character or a lithe and nimble character who is able to dodge and avoid damage. The number that represents the Character Trait will affect the Fyxt RPG calculations, but how the Trait is represented within role-play and in game play is up to the player.


The Body Character Trait is the representation of the character’s physical prowess.

  • Body Trait is most important for Combatants.
  • Body Trait increases Attack and Damage rolls for Combatant Powers.
  • Body Trait increases Combatant Power Point Pool.
  • Body Trait increases Body Defense.
  • Athletics skill is increased by the Body Trait.


The Mind Character Trait is the representation of the character’s mental prowess.

  • Mind Trait is most important for Mystics.
  • Mind Trait increases Attack and Damage or Healing rolls for Mystic Powers.
  • Mind Trait increases Mystic Power Point Pool.
  • Mind Trait increases Mind Defense.
  • Scholar and Religious skills are increased by the Mind Trait.


The Spirit Character Trait is the representation of the character’s social prowess.

  • Spirit Trait is most important for Generalists.
  • Spirit Trait increases Attack and Healing rolls for Generalist Powers.
  • Spirit Trait Increases Spirit Power Point Pool.
  • Spirit Trait Increases Spirit Defense.
  • Nature, Perception, Social, and Subterfuge skills are increased by the Spirit trait.

How Many Character Traits Points to Assign

In the Fyxt RPG characters will split 12 points between these three Character Traits at first level. Another Trait Point will be assigned each time a character gains a new level. This represents the character’s growth throughout game play. No more than 80%, rounded down, of a character’s Trait Points can be used on a single Trait. 

When distributing Trait Points, remember that all Traits have to have at least 1 point in them. However, a cautious player will want to have at least a 2 in every Trait. There are a few situations where Traits can be lowered, such as if a character misses a Full Rest or is “raised from the dead”. If a Trait reaches zero, the player character will be unconscious and incapacitated until they complete at least Full Rest.  See Death and Dying and Rest and Recovering for more details.

A Few Notes About Character Traits

  • Character Traits modify rolls at a 1 to 1 ratio. For example, if you have a 5 in a Trait, you will get a +5 to related rolls.
  • Character Traits are generally static during game play and cannot be affected by Powers, Items, or Specialties.
  • Character Traits can be increased when a character gains a level.
  • Crafting skill is increased by your highest Character Trait.

The Effect of Traits on Fyxt RPG Characters

Character Traits affect many different things about your character. The Character Sheet is designed to calculate everything! Core stats such as Character Traits are not easily changed during the game. A character’s Body Trait won’t be damaged, and players will not have to recalculate the entire character sheet. In the Fyxt RPG, in-game effects affect the FINAL number of the character stat, not the beginning of the equation. This makes for much easier and faster gameplay because there is no need to go through cascading calculations. Players simply apply the effect to the final numbers on their Character Sheet.

Hit Points
Power Point Pools

These are the major things that are affected by a player’s Character Traits.

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