Fyxt Item Tiers

d-and-d-fyxt-rpg-treasure-item-pileThe Fyxt Role Play Game System handles character items with an Item Tier system. Like other role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, items, gear, and equipment play a very important role in a player’s character. The Fyxt RPG makes it very easy to determine the strength of an item by the Item Tier. Players of Fyxt soon learn that the flexibility and unique ability to tailor-make any item that fits a character outshines other role playing games.

First, players are not limited in the number of items they can possess. A player character in Fyxt can have 100 magic items or they can use just one. A character can have a trinket or a tool for every situation or have one ring that holds 100 effects. This flexibility shows the nearly limitless possibilities in just the items and equipment a character can have and use. The one real limit is that item effects, like other Fyxt effects, do not stack. This means that a character can wield a +4 Rapier of Attack and +6 Sword of Attack. However, they will only get the best bonus, +6 to Attack in this case.

Second, players are not limited to what kind of item an effect must be bound to. In most role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, only certain effects can go onto a certain item type or area. An item in Fyxt can have any effect that a player wants. So, instead of being forced to have a +5 weapon in another game to get a +5 to attack, a player can have Fluffy Bunny Slippers of Attacking +5. (The Fluffy Bunny Slippers of Attacking +5 hold a bit of the essence of a famous and particularly deadly bunny).

Between these two huge improvements to old role play games like Dungeons and Dragons,  players and Game Masters alike should have no trouble coming up with the perfect items and gear for all of their characters. The Fyxt Role Play Game System brings a level of flexibility and imagination into role play gaming. This is truly Fyxt RPG gaming 2.0.

Fyxt Item Tiers

There are several basic tiers of magic items Fyxt players can access. There are 5 basic tiers to items and gear:

Item Entry Legend

How to Read Fyxt Item Entries

In the first row you will find:

  • Name
  • Description 
  • If you have one of your current characters selected while browsing items, you will also see buttons to add or buy items for that character.

The next row shows the item’s vital information. Going from left to right:

  • Item Tier 
  • Item Category
  • Item Genre
  • Item Availability
  • Item Weight
  • Item Cost

In the last row you’ll find:

  • Item Effect, A (Active) (If the Item Effect must be activated with an Action, you will see an A next to the I), Effect Name
  • Item Specialties, Specialty Name, Specialty Description
  • Item Powers, Power Name, Power Effects

Tier 1 – Mundane Fyxt RPG Items

Mundane Fyxt items are the simple items of everyday life. These items are useful but do not provide specific character-altering effects.

Ladder (Per 2 Spaces)
A structure of wood, metal, or rope, commonly consisting of two sidepieces between which a series of bars or rungs are set at suitable distances, forming a means of climbing up or down.
Availability: Common | Item Type: Mundane | Category: Standard Items | Genre: Stone Age
Required Level to Use: 1st | Weight: 20 | Cost: 25

A ladder is a Mundane Fyxt Item. It will allow a player to easily reach something up high but does not give any specific bonuses or penalties to a character.

Mundane Fyxt Items are commonly available.

Tier 2 – Basic Fyxt RPG Items

Basic Fyxt items are items that when used or equipped (worn), grant the character a particular item bonus.

Pistol Of Accuracy +2
A short firearm intended to be held and fired with one hand. This grants the user enhanced accuracy.
Availability: Common | Item Type: Basic | Category: Weapon | Genre: Modern
Required Level to Use: 1st | Weight: 3 | Cost: 4,000
I Attack +2

A Basic Fyxt Item can have one Item Effect only.

Basic Fyxt Items are Uncommon. This means the item may be expensive or hard to come by.

Tier 3 – Advanced Fyxt RPG Items

Advanced Fyxt Items can be much more powerful. Advanced Fyxt items can grant Item Effects, give the character a new Specialty, or access to another Power.

Devastating Laser Blade Of Speed +5
This short sword length blade is made of pure light. Being expertly crafted this laser blade is a devastating weapon in the right hands.
Availability: Very Rare | Item Type: Advanced | Category: Weapon | Genre: Futuristic
Required Level to Use: 13th | Weight: 2 | Cost: 152,000
I Attack +5
S Improved Damage Increase
Add 10 Damage to all offensive Powers that Damage Hit Points.
P Haste
Target: AOE (3×3)
Range: 0
Duration: 5 Rounds
Effect:Speed +4
Effect:Attack +2

An Advanced Fyxt Item can have up to one Item Effect, Specialty, and one Power. However, it may just grant the player a Specialty or have a Fyxt Power in it or any combination of the three.

Advanced Fyxt Items are Rare. This item may be available but expensive and may be hard to find.

Advanced Fyxt Items are only available to Fyxt Subscribers.

Tier 4 – Epic Fyxt RPG Items

Epic Fyxt Items can be even more powerful than Advanced Fyxt Items. Epic Fyxt Items can can have any number of effects on them.

Scepter Of Elemental Domination
This arm length scepter is made of some strange material which seems to have been forged from pure elemental forces. Holding this powerful scepter the wielder feels in tune with the raw elemental forces around them and can use them to great advantage.
Availability: Very Rare | Item Type: Epic | Category: Weapon | Genre: Medieval
Required Level to Use: 17th | Weight: 4 | Cost: 770,000
I Attack +9
I Defenses +9
S Improved Hit Points
Add 60 Hit Points.
S Improved Speed
Increase Speed by 3.
S Superior Damage Resistance
Reduce damage taken by 25 a round.
P Bolt of Lightning
Combatant and Mystic
Target: Creature (1)
Range: 15
Duration: Instant
Effect:15d10 Damage
P Field of Ice
Target: AOE (9×9)
Range: 5
Duration: 3 Rounds
Effect:1d4 Damage
Effect:Speed -2
P Fireball
Combatant and Mystic
Target: AOE (3×3)
Range: 10
Duration: Instant
Effect:5d6 Damage
P Searing Bolt of Acid
Combatant and Mystic
Target: Creature (1)
Range: 10
Duration: 5 Rounds
Effect:5d8 Damage

An Epic Fyxt Item can have any number of Item Effects, Specialties, and Powers. Make sure to approve all items through your Game Master first to make sure they will be allowed. Epic Items can be extremely powerful.

Epic Fyxt Items are Very Rare. These items are rarely available for purchase and if so, a substantial sum of money is needed to purchase it.

Epic Fyxt Items are only available to Fyxt Subscribers.

Tier 5 – Legendary Fyxt RPG Items

Legendary Fyxt Items are the most powerful items in the Fyxt Role Play Game System.

Eye Of Radiance
The eye is about the size of a human male’s fist made of the purest blue sapphire. Within its finely cut facets there is another material that is in the shape of a pupil. The Eye seems to always radiate a little ambient light and powerful magic can be felt coming from it. Thought to be the gem that sat atop a scepter of a god of creation, this huge gem emanates extremely powerful magic. When used the Eye of Radiance will bestow some of the powers it once held to the wielder. When being used the material in the center seems to shift as it focuses on its target. At the same time, the wielder can feel the eyes of the gods themselves watching their actions.
Availability: Unheard Of | Item Type: Legendary | Category: Weapon | Genre: Medieval
Required Level to Use: 1st | Weight: 1 | Cost: 4,464,000
I A 10d6 Damage
I A 15d20 Healing
I Athletics +5
I Attack +10
I Defenses +10
I Nature +5
I Perception +5
I Religion +5
I Scholar +5
I Social +5
I Subterfuge +5
S Superior Damage Boost
Increase the Hit Point damage of a Power by 50% 1 time during Battle Time.
S Superior Enhanced Damage
Add 5 dice to all powers that damage Hit Points.
S Superior Enhanced Healing
Add 5 dice to all powers that heal Hit Points.
S Superior Healing Boost
Increase the Hit Point healing of a Power by 50% 1 time during Battle Time.
S Superior Hit Points
Add 150 Hit Points.
S Superior Reroll
Reroll 5 dice rolls of 5 or lower between every Full Rest.
P Cure Mass Injury
Combatant and Mystic
Target: AOE (5×5)
Range: 0
Duration: Instant
Effect:10d6 Damage
P Eradicate the Weak
Combatant and Mystic
Target: Spaces (144)
Range: 15
Duration: Instant
Effect:2d10 Damage
P Move Army
Mystic and Generalist
Target: AOE (12×12)
Range: 0
Duration: Instant
Effect:Far Teleport 100k
P Raise The Dead
Mystic and Generalist
Target: Creature (1)
Range: 1
Duration: Instant
Effect:Raise Dead (Months)
P Superior Healing
Mystic and Generalist
Target: Creature (1)
Range: 1
Duration: Instant
Effect:17d16 Healing

A Legendary Fyxt Item can have any number of effects. They can also have Game Master effects and really anything that can be imagined. Not only are Legendary Fyxt Items as powerful as you can imagine, they can also have their level limit and Archetype limitations removed. These are very rare and items that are often created by the most powerful creatures in any given campaign setting. They should only be used sparingly in any campaign as they can and will unbalance the game if used regularly.

Legendary Fyxt Items are usually thought to not be real. They are never available for purchase. If someone is lucky enough to have such a powerful item, they never give it up voluntarily. Sometimes they may for a huge amount of cash as well as being bound to services for the sale.

Legendary Fyxt Items are only available to Fyxt Subscribers.

As you can see, the Fyxt RPG Item Tier system is set up to easily distinguish the strengths of different Fyxt RPG items. Look through the Fyxt RPG Item Search tool to see some of the items which have been contributed to the Fyxt RPG.