Build a Fyxt RPG Character

It's easy to build a Fyxt RPG Player Character

Build a fun and strong character in the Fyxt RPG and you are sure to have a great time. Just like other RPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons, the characters are the heart of the Fyxt RPG. Since the character is central to a Fyxt RPG game, it’s important for a player to have a good understanding of what they want.

  • First, the Fyxt RPG can be customized almost infinitely. Fyxt RPG molds to the player, the player doesn’t have to mold to the game.
  • Second, Fyxt RPG characters can easily be changed and modified during game play.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building a character. The core mechanics are in place to provide fairness, fun, and flexibility to the Fyxt RPG. Much of the fluff has been taken out of the game in order to maintain balance and pacing. It’s not fun to play characters who are obviously not balanced with the rest of the group and the game is interrupted with rule debates. The Fyxt RPG  has made playing more fun and equal.

What all characters have in common (base characters):

  • Build Points: The same amount of Trait Points.
  • Speed: A Speed of 4 spaces. 1 space can be any measurement such as 5 feet or 1 meter.
  • Size: Characters take up one space on the battle board.
  • Rest: All Characters need to sleep at least ¼ of a day or they will become Exhausted.
  • Senses: All Characters can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell as a normal everyday human. Your Perception Skill reflects your senses.
  • Race: Plays no role in the mechanics of the game. It is purely for role playing. (Since the Fyxt RPG system is built to allow for better role play, players are encouraged to build racial/regional flavor into their characters).
  • Alignments: Many games have alignment-based systems (good or bad). In the Fyxt RPG, alignments are purely role play and tools for in-game character activity.
  • Religion: This is another great role play-only device. It will not modify your character build.
  • Looks: There are no mechanics involving how pretty or ugly your character is. Again, this is for role-play only.
  • Personality:  This is another role playing device. There are no mechanics to get bonuses or penalties from your Personality.

As you can see, the “must have” mechanics are in place. We’ve removed anything that slows down the game and takes away from the character. In the Fyxt RPG, you can play what you want to play within the realm of  your imagined world and the GM’s limitations. We don’t think you should have to roll for the chance to obtain your character concept. When you know what you want, why would you have to roll for it? When you are disappointed in your character, you certainly aren’t going to be as invested in playing it.

If you would like some help and suggestions for your character, check out the Fyxt RPG Tools sections of or at the many books and other role playing publications out there.

Let’s Get Started Building Your Fyxt RPG Character

If this is the first time playing the Fyxt RPG, it’s best for the GM to start at level one. Keep these things in mind as you level:

  • Fyxt RPG Characters start with 12 Trait Points at 1st level to distribute among the three Character Traits.
  • Fyxt RPG Characters gain 1 Trait Point per level after 1st.
  • Fyxt RPG Characters gain 1 Specialty per level
  • Fyxt RPG Characters get 2 Skill Points per level.
  • Starting money is automatically set for 1st level PCs at 2,250. Higher level PCs can use a tool in their character sheet or reference the Character Cash Table here: 

Steps to Build and Level a Fyxt RPG Character

Whether a character is starting at level 1 or level 10, a player should follow this order for each level of character creation:

  1. Know your Character Concept
  2. Assign Character Trait Points
  3. Choose Character Skills
  4. Choose Character Specialty
  5. Add Character Items and Gear
  6. Add or Create Character Powers
  7. Add Character Notes and Details (if needed)

You should go in order, because in each step, you’ll make certain decisions that will effect the next step in the process.

Fyxt RPG System Character Tiers

In the Fyxt RPG, the strength of a character is determined by the character’s level. Characters also have a Tier rating, which is dictated by the character’s level. This Tier will be used in many calculations and is a centerpiece of a character’s strength. Tiers come into play when we mention things like “Add your character Tier to Attacks.” or “Tactical Advantage grants a character their Tier as a bonus to Attack.” Reference the table below to determine character Tier.

The last column in the table (Description) gives players and GMs a general idea of how well-known the character or NPC is within the realm.

Character Level Character Tier Status % of Population Description
1 thru 4 1 Commoner 90% Commoners are the most abundant Tier in the Fyxt RPG game world. Players may be known locally in their town or apartment floor but not really elsewhere.
5 thru 8 2 Popular 5% Popular characters are those that have begun to make a name for themselves. They are elevated above most others. They may be heroes of a village or known in an entire skyscraper.
9 thru 12 3 Famous 3% Famous characters are known in an entire region. They can be great heroes, presidents, and even kings or queens.
13 thru 16 4 Legendary 2% Legendary characters are known to most in a very large area. They are powerful kings and queens, emperors, or corporate CEO’s that own a country.
17 thru 20 5 World Renowned .0000001% World Renowned characters are extremely rare and powerful individuals. They are the figures of epic legends, rulers of entire galaxies, and unstoppable conquerors. These are the most powerful mortals in existence.

The table above is a general guide, but a GM is welcome to change things around as they see fit for their campaign. Generally, characters and NPCs gain reputation and power as they advance, gaining more powerful allies and enemies.

If you are looking to make a memorable character that everyone will remember and one that almost plays itself, check out this short article about how to build a character. It offers some great insight and ideas for how to make your character come alive.

These are the basics of how to build and create a character in the Fyxt RPG. As you can see it is much easier and more streamlined than many other RPGs. One of the primary focuses of the Fyxt RPG is to limit the time managing a character so players can increase the time they play them. With the streamlined characters and way they are created it is very is to build a character for the Fyxt RPG.

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas about building characters visit the Fyxt RPG forums and ask the community.