Adventures Alpha – GM Tools Adventures Added – 11-4-2020


I am really excited to bring you the next part of the new GM Tools, Adventures! You can now create full blown Fyxt RPG Adventures in the site.

Where Encounters are a single fight/puzzle/interaction, Adventures are a combination of Encounters which include a deeper story, player motivations, and Game Master trickery!

Adventures have the following base details:

  • Name
  • Level
  • Difficulty
  • Challenge
  • Length

Some background code helps to know the estimated length and difficulty of Adventures. These come in part from the Encounter Calculator but are also calculated when the Adventure Generator is loaded.

Other features you will find with Adventures are;

  • Summary
  • Adventure Details and Story
  • GM Notes
  • Encounter List (Battle Time or Turn Time)
  • Conclusion
  • Images
  • Rewards and Treasure

Added along with Adventures are the supporting areas;

  • Adventure Generator
  • Adventure Viewer
  • Adventure Search
  • My Custom Adventures

To start there will not be very many Adventures that can be used. This is where you come in. Once you have polished up one of your own custom Adventures then you can submit it. Once accepted other players and GMs will be able to use your Adventure in their own games! Not only does this help the community, it also counts towards making more room on your account!

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As we kick off the live alpha test of Encounters, I will now change my focus on testing and fixing issues with the new tools. Once Encounters go into beta for everyone I will start working on the next wave of tools.
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Release Notes – Adventures Alpha


  • ALPHA Release: Players can use Adventures! Adventures are a story + tactics + encounters that GMs can use for a whole evening of gaming fun!
  • ALPHA Release: Players can create their very own custom Adventures! Click here to Create Custom Adventure now!
  • Encounter Time Estimates! Now the Calculator and Generator will auto calculate approximate time to complete encounter. Very important tool for GM planning!
  • Encounter Generator will display NPC value gained for Battle Time Encounters.
  • Encounter Generator now has an area to add money / value gained from an Encounter.
  • New Encounters added!
  • New Powers added.
  • New PCs added.
  • New NPCs added.
  • New Items added.
  • New RPG memes added.
  • New RPG Motivational Posters added.


  • Fixed issue with strange tags showing up on the Encounter Generator.
  • Added a note to Real Time Encounters in the content area to state there is no additional direct content for these types of Encounters.
  • Spelling/grammar/mislabeled items.
  • Encounter Name Searching issues with Encounter Search Page.
  • Tons of code and server improvements.


  • Changed Group Size Slightly. New size sets are:
    • Solo – 1 Player
    • Duo – 2 Players
    • Regular – 3 to 5 Players
    • Large – 6 to 8 Players
    • Huge – 9 or More Players
  • Normalized Group Size with many elements for clarity and consistency.
  • A few navigational improvements related to the GM tools expansion. More organization was needed. Please report broken links and update your bookmarks!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Post concerns on our forums:


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