Tired of swapping between game systems, hunting for rules to your favorite lore, or having to buy book after book just to keep up with ever changing rules?

Your search is over. Welcome to the Fyxt RPG!


Roleplay Your Way

The Fyxt RPG provides the rules and tools to create and play any kind of RPG you want. Play your favorite settings, combine multiple universes, or unleash your imagination to create a completely custom game world.

No Books Needed

All a player needs is an internet enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC to access everything needed to play. Or players can print out character sheets or other materials when there is no internet access.

Ready to Play RPG Asset Database

An ever growing database full of characters, monsters, powers, items and more. Ready for everyone to use!

Digital Tools and RPG Generators

FyxtRPG.com provides all of the online tools needed to create characters, create items, roll dice, create powers, encounters, and more!

Free to Play

The entire core rule system is free for all members. No trial periods or pay walls.

Fast Gameplay

Streamlined actions and rules allow easy understanding with quick and straightforward player actions.

Infinitely Flexible

Players can role play exactly the characters and stories they want to play. Any genre, any character type, anything players can imagine.

Balanced RPG Rule Set

Game rules balanced through a set of mathematical checks and balances.

Fun and Inclusive RPG

All players get to play all the time. Nobody is “taken out” of the game.

Expansive Customization

Generators are available to create any Character, Power, or item a player can imagine. If you can dream it up, it can be built.

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How the Fyxt RPG Stands Out

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Example of Fyxt RPG Gameplay

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High Level Summary of Fyxt RPG Mechanics

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Instant Play Quest


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The Fyxt RPG is a free to play d20 style tabletop RPG.Ready to start playing? Sign up for the Fyxt RPG free!